Join [Haijia Shi] Women create a discount without any risk management mode

The Company through the continuous exploration of the market, in-depth study of 25-40-year-old female consumer psychology, capture the international fashion elements, emphasizing the harmony between fashion and personality, forming a unique discount women 's fashion brand romantic fashion urban style. With its profound brand connotation, personalized design, mid-range price, unique service, efficient management system and the most popular franchise style in the world, Hyclass pursues the cooperation aim of "win-win" The size of the marketing network and good market reputation.


We have the spirit of the brand women's ultra-low discount, low-cost, special supply, zero risk early warning mechanism to take preventive measures to improve the return system to reduce the pressure on the goods brought hiring operating experts as operational supervision and solve Specific problems arising in the operation, reduce investment risk, the use of 100% replacement, for you to remove all worries. 000 models of domestic first-line boutique brand women's powerful combination. Everyday new goods. Every day brand discount women! Welcome to the brand discount women's clothing brand ready to engage in the development of the cause of discounts, or business dream come your call to consult, study. Haijia Shi Garments Co., Ltd. is willing to work with you hand in hand, and common development!

Military and police Camouflage Fabric is different from ordinary printed fabric, and has its own remarkable characteristics. The color of a camouflage is made of black, brown, dark green and emerald green. After special treatment, the surface of the camouflage has near infrared retardant(IRR) function. At the same time, it can be added the functions of flame retardant and waterproof. In addition, high breaking and tearing strength and good printing color fastness are the basic requirements.

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