Kasaiou fashion brand, sophisticated and elegant European children's clothing style

Kasaiou brand design highlight children's clothing costumes playful and cute. At the same time take into account the fashion trend to absorb European children's clothing style, emphasizing the refined and elegant, and a unique handmade doll brand identity. The main products are children aged between 4 and 10, and large children between the ages of 10 and 16. Kasaiou products to be launched in mainland China will include children's wear products such as children's wear, shoes and hats, scarves and handbags, as well as other children's life-learning products such as children's stationery.

Polyester Twisted Yarn ITY Made of one-step self-produce ITY, material lot number is very stable, whole year don't change, normal twist range 600TPM to 1200TPM, it is widely used in weaving and knitting, fabric with good drape, mainly used in women's clothing. Capacity more than 600 tons per month, can deliver very fast.

108D-2 1.5KG

Polyester Twisted Yarn Ity

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