Ke Lomuomu time machine: dreams innocence era

Spring and autumn come, flowers thank flowers, those filled with the face of happiness and innocence, blink of an eye fell into the dream of time, no longer want to wake up. All the good memories are embedded in the bookmarks of childhood and become the story of that page. Afterwards, memories will eventually be forgotten by us or even washed away by the rivers, becoming distant and unfamiliar. Do you want to Want to regain the time, re-flow?

Maybe we will someday many years later, sitting in the warmth of the sun, watching the birds flying in the sky, shed tears of happiness, because we are still pure.


Left: full of nostalgia full flower shirt with a large V-neck sleeveless sweater prepared to show off leisure unrestrained, take casual pants, looming burlap design naturally casual but yet elegant taste. Autumn afternoon, put on headphones, accompanied by comfortable music you slowly taste lazy and cozy.

Right: a sense of retro thick bat sleeves shirt to relax, unrestrained, outside the strong texture of the belly yurt boxed knit outside casual comfort, hand tease hair are a little lazy feeling, under the front fork half Skirt, knee length just right. Seemingly casual but dressing elegant style, so you accompany the lover quietly walk in this meandering trail, everything is so natural, quiet and soothing.


Left: the use of flower patterns will be casual pastoral style splashed a place, art and not too cautious, the pinch pleat adds a little more playful and Smart, with a small wooden buttons youthful age, with the wind and relaxed knit cardigan, simple The version of the version of the elongated body line at the same time, more than a free and easy, atmospheric style of dress from the ground up.

Right: color shirt with a gray vest after careful reconciliation of designers, showing a soft visual effects, such as the fall brings us the quiet and cozy, under the unique ride made of different materials stitched slacks, find him thousands of Baidu , Unwittingly earned enough attention.


Left: to enhance the sense of fashion is not significant weight must be the perfect dress and knit jacket to take, it not only gives you visual enjoyment, but also bring you the distinctive temperament, plus non-deduction design simple purple coat, mystery In revealing a touch of soft, big-name van full, under a take-off leggings can make sense of the level of explosion, so that you are free to put your hand in the charm of casual charm.

Right: An irregular knit cardigan at the end of the design will be simple but not as simple as ever, a retro half skirts strong sense of the same time can be well-modified body shape, so that your style of dress from one school, Rich colors, patterns embellishment, just like autumn wheat fields.


Left: Floral fabric shirt, to bring you a comfortable experience at the same time, more than a touch of literary atmosphere, with orange corduroy skirt, bright colors set off white complexion, outside take a long knit cardigan convenient and practical, the whole match with color harmony, to create an elegant Shu women's play, wear clothing with their own flavor this fall.

Right: corduroy fabric dress, classic shirt collar design, waist fold stream Jian increase pendulum swing, everywhere play to reduce the effect, color and style full of personality. Long ride outside the cardigan, if the soft, gentle color, like a very gentle autumn, the skirt with a good body can be modified, with a cardigan with a clear and rich aura.


Left: The unique design of the upper part of the placket presents the perfect effect of the upper body being natural and not the perfect one. With the eye-catching purple and the embroidered flower of the collar, the artistic cultivation and the unique aesthetic of the Dum woman are everywhere, Skirt, instantly emit full of classical flavor of freedom, outside the light gray vest, will be free and easy and casual show most vividly.

Right: Floral shirt reminding us of scenes of autumn leaves, in the off-white complexion at the same time flower clever fuzzy body line, the front large knitted pattern-decorated casual pants, refined and stylish space into the coarse ore and free and easy, Light gray vest convergence up and down, unique originality.

one kind of special can be do before or after dyeing. Different method color will be different.In order to make bulk excatly. It's best to make sample as l/d. color must be a little lighter than approved l/d because of sueding.Moreover pilling will be lower than without sueding, but fur will be better. Apprarance after wash will also not good as regular can be divided into two kind of sueding, one is by carbon and the other is by normal machine.Fabric will be clear after sueding.

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