LARCHY women's 2013 summer selling single product recommendation

Inspired by the French "LARCHY" (Chinese translated as: to Seoul good Nick ) brand, is a pursuit of fashion, individuality, integration into the European high fashion leisure brand fashion forward culture. The LARCHY brand is designed with bold ideas and a neutral dress that dominates women in today's increasingly competitive society. Xiao Bian today recommended several LARCHY summer selling a single product for your summer to add a little fashion and handsome.

来尔佳昵 - LARCHY

Lace Xiaoxian, V-neck to create a sexy slap in the face, looming fabric seduction and lure, is a unique fashion single product. Loose cuffs are your activities, easy to wear, casual and stylish.


A very fancy piece of metal decoration unruly fashion style, multi-chain decoration, let the hurricane show no doubt, seemingly random folds are in fact a small machine to cover up small fat.


Fresh floral prints, bringing a thick summer atmosphere. Cortical harness, add a bit unruly rebel. High waist design, was thin and retro.


Net income dress, cross-collar design with the Greek goddess taste, elegant atmosphere. Tough epaulet, then add a bit British.

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