Little Woman: Welcome New Year to create a good New Year

The festivities of the Year of the Sheep are all around. At the same time as the beautiful Spring Festival holiday is over, the work of the new year has begun. We have to face the new year, new goals and new challenges.

Over the past year, Little Women Group achieved excellent results, good colleagues can not do without the hard work of the Group of Little Women, is also inseparable from the major franchisee of the common struggle and all walks of life to give high expectations and support. Here to express my heartfelt thanks!

The new year begins, and we face new challenges. In the new year, the group of small women will work even harder to work together with new and existing customers to create new and outstanding achievements for the new year. Here, I wish everyone, the new year, business is booming, money sources rolling.

Small women's enterprise group will be headquartered in Taipei, Guangzhou, Guangzhou and the establishment of a woman's underwear Co., Ltd., set up in Hong Kong Hong Kong Women's underwear Group International Co., Ltd., Hong Kong Women's Group registered capital of 100 million Hong Kong dollars, Legal representative: Mr. Xu Tingyuan, the company set up production lines at the same time both in the Strait, in order to better serve the Chinese mainland market.

Individual store store display:


Guangzhou Wing Tai shop

小妇人:新春迎佳绩 共创好新年

Shandong Yantai shop

小妇人:新春迎佳绩 共创好新年

Shandong Weihai shop

小妇人:新春迎佳绩 共创好新年

Set Ningnan shop

小妇人:新春迎佳绩 共创好新年

Hunan Longshan shop

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