Love still Cyclones fall in love with Calvary

Fashion, means a little innovation, a bit of fun, a unique beauty experience. In the carmen store, you will see, hear, touch the beauty of fashion, "love is still cyclone", spring bloom!

卡蔓 - Carmen

Fashion, never changeable and life like today, every woman can become the leading actress to attract people's attention! come on Sweetheart! To feel CARMEN cards Man shocked that shares changing cyclone brought!

愛尚旋風 愛上卡蔓

CARMEN Calvary will always bring you an unforgettable fashion touch in this trendy world. This season's Window display, especially the dynamic tornado, not only reflects the gentle curve of the 2013 Year of the Dragon (Snake) , While giving the gold tone of luxury, combined with the art of sculpture. Karma wave straight volumes in major cities across the country, a special and new fashion power!

Dyed Poly Bamboo Fabric

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