Mamimaka focus on children's growth for 20 years, "National Satellite TV + regional channels + children's channel" linkage attack

Childlike innocence and encourage encouragement! Recently, China's top ten children's wear brand Mammy Maka children's wear can be described as "Double Happiness" from the March Mammy Maca children's clothing shine 2012CHIC Beijing service Fair Children's Living Museum, following the "Tong Meng Tong type" as the theme of the summer new listing Since May 2012, Mammi Maka's 2012 new commercial has also been shocked by the expectations of people. With the launch strategy of "National Satellite TV + Regional Channel + Children's Channel" in nearly 20 channels around the country, Simultaneous broadcast, in the children's clothing industry has set off a "Mamimakar boom", issued a strong signal for the rise of the brand soft power. According to the reporter's knowledge, as the brand of children's clothing under Fujian Pao Group, Mammy Maca has been adhering to the principle of "Focus, Encourage, Create, Childhood Interest, love, happiness "as the core brand value. On the road of brand growth, Mammy Maca opens up a whole new mindset, leads a new trend of ideas, advocates a kind of educational approach with encouragement and encouragement, focuses on the healthy growth of Chinese children and strives to build a leading brand in China's children's products industry. And has won the "China Top Ten children's clothing brand," "China's brand-name products," "National Export-exempt Enterprises," such as the honorary title of the current sales outlets throughout Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing and other major cities in China is the vast majority of parents in China Trust, one of the most popular children's wear brands. Therefore, these two decades is also the growth of Mima Maka children's clothing brand, mature, harvest two decades. Today, the Mammima brand of children's clothing takes a solid step toward "focusing on children's growth." Starting from May, Mammi Maka's latest commercial film in 2012 shook its debut. In line with the tactics of "National Satellite TV + Regional Channel + Children's Channel", it was broadcast in nearly 20 channels across the country. According to CTR market research data At present, the advertising volume of Mami Maka has become the No. 1 in the industry in 2011. The CCTV Children Channel, Golden Eagle Cartoon, Beijing Card Cool, Guangdong Jiajia, Jiangsu Children, Wuhan Children, Dalian Children, Fujian Children, Chengdu Children, Hunan Satellite TV, Anhui Science and Education Channel, Hefei Life Channel, Guangxi Public Channel, Wenzhou Urban life, Zhengzhou Education Television, Xi'an Film and Television Channel focusing on the best sections of the time, start high-density advertising, covering more parents and children. And the combination of newspapers, magazines, Internet, outdoor and other media, to create a comprehensive three-dimensional brand communication channels for the children's clothing brand Mamimaka condensed a stronger competitive edge. (Mamimaka "Tong Meng Tong type summer new product) In addition, with a rich summer campus flavor, fashion elements of the Olympic Games, full of creative imagination," Tong Meng Tong "summer new listing , Mamimaka children's clothing brand also further increase the terminal support efforts to encourage terminal franchisees to open a shop to open two stores, two stores open more than store strategy, launched a large store strategy and construction of a hundred stores, all-round promotion of the retail system Construction. In response, authoritative industry analysis pointed out that the children's clothing brand Mamimuka to "National Satellite TV + regional channels + children's channel," the third-line attack hit 2012 latest commercials, the primary goal is to strengthen brand building and maintain the brand in consumers and industries Within the voice, but also for its "Tong Meng Tong-type" summer new listing to create a good sales atmosphere, the first time to seize the summer of 2012 children's clothing sales market commanding heights. According to the head of the operation center of Mamimaka, the bombing advertisement will reach the effect of three-dimensional spread. In order to promote the brand building, promote the rapid and steady development of the market, deepen the brand investment and fulfill the goal of leading brands in China's children's products industry Have a positive effect, lay a solid foundation for the strategic layout and long-term development of the brand Mamimaka!

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