Network marketing planning teaches you marketing four forces

[China Glass Network] After the introduction of F4 integrated marketing, we randomly talked about the traditional integrated marketing raincoat personalization, the appropriate position applied to the field of online marketing, let integrated marketing and network marketing renew new vitality, and we will market its four forces The model is strictly followed in the promotion project. These four forces include: creativity, execution, communication, and sales.

Creativity: If an online marketing plan can't attract attention, no exposure and arrival rate, it has no communication and marketing power. We are doing a promotion. First, we need to reject the mediocrity of the creative process, break the routine, break through the old habits, and expand the creative strategy to the limit. Let the original idea be integrated into the promotion of the company's products and brands.

Execution: Network marketing planning can not only be satisfied with the innovation of strategy. What is more important is that innovation is implemented into faster actions. Only action can make the ideas come out and make them come out. Any good idea, if there is no good implementation, can only be a glimpse!

Propagation: Propagation is the first step in the successful loading of inspection programs. We are pursuing a lower product and faster speed to implement the program, helping customers to develop brand awareness and reputation. Loading attractive content, the parties read our content, and the other party is the target consumer group we want to influence, how many people have commented, how many people reprinted and how many customers' products were introduced to others, The test of communication.

Mobility: The solution can not be satisfied with the low-cost realization of the widespread spread of popularity, not only the customer's still him, but more importantly, the driving of terminal sales. The essence of network marketing planning is to enable enterprises to gain market share and sales growth while gaining visibility.

Therefore, in the implementation of marketing activities, companies often increase their smart plans. Inevitably, every promotion, public relations activities, and new product launches will have an influential promotion. Around the promotion plan, companies or marketing planning will often work hard on viral communication, word-of-mouth communication, and interactive marketing.