No. 19, Garden Street, show women's independence and freedom

Korea Star City International Apparel (Hong Kong) Industrial Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, is a design, production and sales as one of the specialized fashion company. Companies in Italy, Hong Kong, South Korea and other places set up R & D design agencies, established in the international fashion information platform. With advanced production facilities, long-term major OEM clothing processing, to create a high-quality brand in the world.
Company's: Japan and South Korea trend ECA women's fashion , Garden Street on the 19th sun beauty girl provinces and cities in the country a few days ago to set up branch offices and the general agent, and joined the chain. Deputy services. The main products sold in Europe and America, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places. Has become a shining star in the industry fashion women.

花园街19号 - NO.19

花园街19号女装 展现女性的独立自由

No.19 Garden Street brand reflects the bold and lively personality of women; avant-garde mix and match, gorgeous colors, multi-angle flashes young women's personality; the "self-worship" philosophy of life into which, Reflect the new new human life-loving, independent and free attitude to life, as well as unlimited creativity and vitality. Europe and South Korea will mix and match the popular art play most vividly.


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