North Korean Art Becomes the New Favorite of Tourist Souvenirs

With the expansion and change of tourism to North Korea, North Korea tourism commemorative collectibles are favored by more and more Chinese tourists. In particular, in recent years, cultural exchanges between China and North Korea have become more frequent. With the interaction of the art communities of the two countries, more and more Korean artists have come to China to paint and hold exhibitions. More and more Chinese people are beginning to like it. Korean art. North Korea's oil paintings and embroidery are more because of their good works and the painter’s deep skills. Cheaper prices are favored and collected by more and more Chinese people. Tourists traveling to North Korea are eager to buy Korean paintings and embroidery as a tourist commemoration.

North Korea's oil paintings have unique styles, characteristics, and values. The realistic style, unique emotions, and rich ethnic customs show the Korean people's wishes and their quiet state of mind. The artistic style of North Korea's oil paintings, tainted by Russian oil paintings, has a unique social realism style in Korea, and artistically condenses the beauty of nature and society into works. The subject matter of North Korean oil paintings is mostly the scenery of snow-capped mountains, forests, lakes, and the work and labor of the people. It has a strong atmosphere of sensation. The Korean people have created splendid national culture with their wisdom and industriousness.

Korean embroidery inherits ancient Chinese embroidery techniques. It is known for its characters, portraits, landscapes, animals, and flowers and birds. At present, it has a long history of thousands of years. Its artistic value and collection value are very high.

Korean artists enjoy a high status in North Korea. The unique style of artists can be seen in Korean art. Among them are a wide variety of oil paintings. There are landscape paintings with unlimited scenery and pleasant scenery, tangible and divine characters, vivid oil paintings, fresh and refined, unique style of still life oil painting. There are also some oil paintings depicting Korean artists’ patriotic sentiments. They use war scenes as the theme to demonstrate the bravery and indomitable spirit of North Korean soldiers. This is very rare in today's commercial oil painting market and is also a place where North Korean oil paintings are attractive.

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