Opening season: T100 take you to "wear" the more beautiful childhood

T100 paternity children's clothing has always inherited the essence of the design of the British aristocracy, the fusion of oriental paternity culture, Chinese and Western, re-interpretation of the classic, simple, noble British style, aristocratic range of children. 2013-2014 Fall / Winter Wear, "The Romance and the Love of Red and Black", "Games and Country Club", "Serenity Nature - My Secret Garden", "National & Natural Scenery "series of four major theme design, give the children a strong, bold, full of momentum exploration spirit. Red and black romantic love Red and black has always been a romantic and classic representatives, T100 fall into a lot of new products, jujube, apricot, causing the child's interest and pleasure of pleasure. These are a symbol of the elegance of the city, the classic elements once again be extensive use of designers, it is no longer free to match the basic, but with children to chase romantic elements. Black, jujube, beige interweaving Check suit is particularly stylish atmosphere to the bow tie embellishment, put on black round glasses, the charm of the British gentleman gentleman followed hit the same color knit jacket and leather suede-like Combination, cloak-style trench coat both avant-garde stylish and simple, interpretation of the classic and romantic T100. Endless black and white houndstooth, velvet fabric for young girls with a small children Fan children yet lovely, with black leggings and black knee leather boots, even more temperament and refined.

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