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Lattice is a more British style, the grid is unbeaten every season classic single product, of course, fall and winter grid style is indispensable, each quarter has a different popular elements, plaid shirt how to look good with it? Now lattice style has become The public's choice, whether it is adults or children will choose the grid style, that look together how to look good with it. Now on the market is more and more children's clothing, and mothers are still very tangled choice, style, I do not know what to choose better, less style and not elected, the simplest way is to choose the same classic style, like this Classic plaid shirt style, no matter which season is the fashion element. Shirt is one of the most suitable style of wear this season, the shirt whether it is worn alone or within the ride can be a good match, this plaid shirt, color stitching, are very fresh, with loose jeans that comfortable and stylish, mother Will they worry about choosing clothes? (Source: Mira bear new autumn / winter 2013)

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