Rain sent cowboy 2012 spring and summer unique charm

Mr. Zhang Yuqin, Chairman of Guangzhou Heng Yu Garments Co., Ltd., developed from Xin Yu Textile Co., Ltd., founded in 1998. From the initial sales of fabrics gradually developed into a powerful, advanced production, with 10 million registered capital, strong product development and style of British-led fashion, set fabric research and development, product design, production and sales of specialized modern large Integrated clothing company. With more than a thousand workers in Guangdong Xintang modern professional cowboy apparel production plant in the rich "cowboy town" reputation of Guangdong Xintang has a collection of fashion design, denim fabric research and development production base, the perfect realization of the fabric from the development of apparel production Integrated production. Companies implementing total quality management, from the production of apparel fabrics strict quality system began, a professional design team to ensure that products of excellent quality and fashion sense. Constant rain company has advanced European production equipment, Jimei, Europe, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan and other top fashion designers, professionals gather, modern industrial park, a mature quality control management system. Strong accumulation of capital, professional team, a mature production chain, Heng Yu who only refinement, not for the wide, heritage beauty, creating the only, decades of research and development focused on the British cowboy fashion career. The company attaches great importance to brand management, brand resources sharing, business risk-sharing to create high-quality TOUCH BLUE international fashion British style, and market risk bundled mode of innovation management, so that consumer groups highly recognized, the market investment risk is minimized and fully reflected Win-win development of the brand concept. "TOUCH BLUE" from China's Window of the World - Hong Kong into Greater China, with young, stylish, vibrant British fashion men and women series, and a diversified product mix to meet the different needs of customers; to keep pace with the world of fashion Style, evaluation of high-quality brand positioning, adhere to the natural production standards of environmental protection, to provide consumers with a new concept. Brand cultivation and healthy development of the company's strategic business first, maintaining high quality and high grade at the same time, win-win progress as the company's core development.

FR Coverall is a protective garment that is worn during work and produce. The style of structure, color configuration and material selection of the FR Coverall are designed for the purpose of safety first, which is the functional difference between the work FR Coverall and other garments. Furthermore, in the design of labor protection FR Coverall,FR Jackets,Fr Shirts,Fr Pants. Which safety and protection functions are the first. On this basis, the rationality and comfort of the FR Suit shape should be considered, so that the binding force of the FR Coverall to the human body is reduced to a minimum, thereby improving the work effectiveness.

FR Coveralls

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