Rebecca Fashion Company launches a fake war in South Africa (Photo)

The picture shows Sun Yaoheng (second from right) speaking at the fake press conference of Rebecca South African Fashion Company. China Economic Net reporter Ma Hailiang photo

The picture shows the Wulujun manager (middle) showing the media the wig of the fake Rebecca fashion brand in the South African market. China Economic Net reporter Ma Hailiang photo

Johannesburg, China, January 24 (Reporter Ma Hailiang) At noon on January 23, Rebecca South African Fashion Company and South African Sun Law Firm jointly held a counterfeit press conference in Johannesburg, appealing to South African merchants, consumers, and Chinese businessmen and Chinese overseas Chinese are law-abiding and legally participate in market competition to maintain the stable development of Rebecca Fashion Wigs, a Chinese independent brand in South Africa.

Wu Lujun, Marketing Manager of Rebecca South Africa Fashion Company, pointed out at the press conference that from the beginning of the Qing Dynasty to the present day, Rebecca fashion wigs have been selling well in more than 50 countries in China, the United States, France, South Africa and Nigeria. The world-famous Chinese brand is also the internationally renowned first-line wig brand. At present, Rebecca wigs account for about 20% of the South African wig market and are favored by South African women's wig consumers.

However, with the increasing popularity of the Rebecca brand, some unscrupulous speculative merchants in South Africa have been selling counterfeit Rebecca fashion brands and packaging color wigs in recent years, causing visual confusion and economic loss to consumers. Seriously affected the image of Rebecca fashion brand. Currently, the fake Rebecca fashion wigs sold in the South African market each year are initially estimated at more than 10 million rand. Rebecca South African Fashion Company will not tolerate any group or individual that infringes the brand image of Rebecca Fashion Company, and will fight against it.

He revealed that Rebecca South African Fashion Company and South African Sun Law Firm had organized a large-scale forensic in 2013. Evidence shows that several Chinese malls have products that are counterfeited with Rebecca wigs. In response to this, Rebecca South Africa adopted measures to pass legal warnings at the end of last year through law firms to warn them of invalidity. This measure has achieved certain results. Some merchants have signed agreements to stop selling fakes and resell the authentic Rebecca fashion wigs.

At the press conference, Sun Yaoheng said that South Africa is a country with strict laws and has a strong impact on counterfeit products. The law enforcement agencies fined 5,000 rand per commodity for counterfeit goods initially inspected, and fined 10,000 rand per commodity for counterfeit goods seized for the second time. In addition to fines, law enforcement agencies have criminal prosecutions against repeat offenders. In the cases that have been decided, there are fines of 4.6 million rand and jail time for 8 years.

In particular, Sun’s lawyer pointed out that in the court, the merchants of the indicted Asian faces can be seen almost every day. Such a high frequency has caused a very negative impression on South African law enforcement agencies, and it is natural to focus on Asian-faced businesses as counterfeit objects. . If I don't wear a robe in court, I will be mistaken for a wrong businessman who is arrested. Therefore, in order to maintain the image of China's well-known self-owned brands and long-term stable sales in the South African market, it is necessary to combat counterfeit goods. From the evidence, the fake wigs of Rebecca fashion brands are sold in South Africa, and the source of manufacturing is in China. After clearing the source, we will also cooperate with Chinese law enforcement agencies to eradicate the source of fraud. This will be a long-term, complex and protracted war.

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