Research on Market Distribution of Purchased E-commerce in Electricity Market

The electricity market is transformed by the regulated electricity market (RegulatedPower Fund Project: National Natural Science Foundation of China (59937150) National 863 Program (863-511-9845~004); National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars (970025) ket) Bidders in the market are faced with a new issue of electricity trading intermediaries, which are responsible for combining electricity trading with two trading markets: day-ahead and hourahead. The ISO-side provides ancillary services for transactions in the PX electricity market, and on the other hand operates a real-time electricity market for real-time deployment of electricity to meet power supply surpluses and insufficient power purchases: when the market allocation problem is solved ( Bi +) When the total purchase power allocation problem is solved by 5 simulations, a purchaser obtains the price of the daily market according to his own bidding historical data. The price of the market is the price of the market. The relationship between the electricity and the price of the ISO real-time market is the relationship between electricity and electricity. Liu Yaan (1965), male, doctoral student, research direction for the intelligent optimization and decision-making of the power market and complex systems; Guan Xiaohong (1955~), male, professor, doctoral tutor, research direction for the optimal scheduling of power systems and Optimization scheduling of manufacturing systems, comprehensive resource scheduling and bidding, power market, optimization theory of large systems and their applications.

(Responsible editor Han Lei) J. Grid technology (Pow Li Mengqiu (1968-), male, doctoral lecturer, research direction for the application of intelligent technology in power system relay protection; Wang Yaonan (1950), male, doctor, professor, Doctoral tutor, research direction is intelligent information processing technology and its application; Wang Hui (1951-), male, doctor, associate professor, research direction for power electronics and industrial process control; Wu Zhengqiu (1967-), male, doctor, associate professor, His research interests are in power systems and their automation.

(Responsible editor Yu Yinfeng)

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