Rich color of ice jade

The jadeite has a variety of red, yellow, green, black and purple. The specific one below is introduced.

1. Emerald: The emerald here is not a gem emerald, but the color of jade. Because its color is extremely rich, it is called emerald, also called emperor green, the color is rich and steady, the texture is delicate and flawless, and there is the emperor's spirit. Therefore, it is also called emperor green.

2, Yang Green: refers to the color of the jade is slightly transparent to translucent, green and bright, yellowish and bright, like the new leaves of the early spring. Yang Green is very pretty, strong, positive and positive, and Yang Green does not have the feeling of gray.

3, clear water: clear water with a light blue, the color is light blue, light green or light blue green. The color is pleasing to the eye, pure, bright and light, the color is compatible, and the color is soft and even. Clear water is generally a glass species, ice species or a species of ice.

4, blue water: blue water color is the base color, the background color is in the cyan category, rarely floating flowers, unlike the green color strip or plaque distribution, jade blue water is better than pure blue.

5, Astragalus: yellow to brownish jade.

6, red dragonfly: jade jade, red for the green, green for the green. Bright red or orange-red jade.

7, spring belt color: color is purple, spring is green. Spring belt color is a piece of jade with purple and green, which is a relatively rare color.

8. Fu Lu Shou: The so-called Fu Lu Shou, refers to the three colors of jade, with red, green and purple as the best, which is a rare three colors. The Chinese often regard the three colors as signs of "health (longevity), sir, and wealth", so they are very fond of it.

9. Violet: It is a special variety of jadeite, which is another valuable color in addition to green. Because its color is very similar to violet flower, it is named "Violet Emerald".

10, Mo Cui: The green is black, and the black is covered with green jade. Its surface looks black, but it also shows a deep dark green or dark green under the light.

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