Seven jewellery stores in Beijing were closed for the "catty" lottery

Recently, the Beijing News reported that at least seven jewellery and jade shops on Wangfujing Street passed the lottery scam to induce consumers to purchase jewels and jade with high prices. At present, the shops involved have been closed down. Yesterday, Li Jun, director of the Wangfujing Construction Management Office, said that the Wangfujing Chamber of Commerce will be established to further regulate the pedestrian street business through industry self-discipline.

A closed jewelry store has changed its signboard

In the Beijing News reported that a number of shops and counters have caused consumers to win big prizes and tempted consumers to buy virtual high-grade jade jewelry, on the evening of the 11th, "exotic customs" and "old Beijing cloisonne crafts" two stores, and The two counters of "Junxi Jewelry" in Dan Yao Building and "Naxi Treasure" in Snack Street have been ordered to suspend business for rectification due to suspected illegal operation.

Previously, as long as the "exotic style" consumption, you can get the lucky draw opportunity, the clerk told the consumer that the odds of winning only two thousandths, among which the first prize of the grand prize, you can buy the price of four or five thousand at a discount Even over 10,000 jewels and jade. On the evening of the 9th, the reporter found that in an hour, the number of consumers in the first prize was more than 10 people. Some lawyers said that the merchant's promotion has been suspected of fraud.

At noon yesterday, Wangfujing Construction Management Office, Dongcheng Industrial and Commercial Branch Wangfujing Industrial and Commercial Office and Wangfujing Police Station jointly enforced the law and continued to inspect the jewelry and jade shop on Wangfujing Pedestrian Street. The "exotic style" shop has closed, but the Beijing News reporter found that the store has changed its signboard, and the new signboard is "Golden Jade".

Li Jun, director of the Wangfujing Construction Management Office, said that the shop wanted to use its "reformed face" approach to hide people's eyes and eyes and re-operate. "During the period of suspension of business investigation, it will certainly not let it be filed."

Similar to illegal business phenomena, it is difficult to investigate

During the inspection at noon yesterday, the “Tianfu Jewelry” and “Wuxi Treasures” in the Snack Street and the “Wangfujing Jewelry and Crafts Mall Jade House” in Dashuijingjing Hutong were also closed for business on the spot. At present, there are 7 shops and counters on Wangfujing Pedestrian Street, which were suspended for rectification due to alleged use of lotteries to induce consumer spending.

Li Jun said that Wangfujing has always had similar illegal business practices, but it has been difficult to investigate. "The hardest part is collecting evidence. Our staff are generally local people. When people listen to accents, they know that you will not be fooled." , don't give you a lottery."

Li Jun said that after the inspection, he will consider ways to solve the problem, such as convening the owners of the shops to hold talks and raise the threshold for renting shops. The Wangfujing Chamber of Commerce will also be established to regulate operations in a self-disciplined manner.


It is not necessarily reliable to have a formal certificate.

The Beijing News reporter had previously purchased the chalcedony necklace of the original price of 4,000 yuan at the price of 8% in the "Old Beijing Cloisonne Craft" unannounced visit. The necklace also has a certificate. Upon investigation, the certificate can be found on the website of the regular testing center, but the physical object can be purchased at the Wanfeng Jewelry Wholesale Market in Xinjiekou for only 33 yuan.

Zhang Yang, an expert from the Henan Collection Appraisal Committee, reminds that jewellery and jade shops generally have formal certificates, which also increases the confidence of consumers in shopping. “In fact, certificates can only identify what it is, such as jade, but the quality of jade, there are There is no reference pricing, which is usually not indicated in the identification results. In addition, if you are not very knowledgeable, when buying expensive jewelry and jade, it is best to go to a large shopping mall.

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