Short paragraph of the jacket suitable for when to wear short paragraph how to match with the down jacket

We often say "to look farther away," which is especially important to natural beauty women. Autumn is already, the winter will surely come to us soon, but the beauty of the same time, we must also pay attention to keep warm, must not "want grace to not temperature," but after the old but to suffer it! Some short paragraph thin down jacket or need to prepare one or two.

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Before talking about the down jacket, think of the kind of square just like a quilt like people wrapped up with the same dumplings. However, this short paragraph of the down jacket did not feel this way, the hooded design to make the neck a heavy warm, plush sleeves decorated look light and dynamic, version of a simple but very good match.

短款的羽绒服适合什么时候穿 短款羽绒服怎么搭配

Round neck cut, striped black stripes, so that this pink thin down jacket more mature flavor, in early winter, such a down jacket inside to wear a primer shirt is enough, when winter can be used as a home service Wear, short, thin section more convenient and lightweight.

Photo credit: Pyrene ç­ƒ Women's 2014 Fall / Winter Collection

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