Shu Lang: School-enterprise cooperation collaborates on a new chapter

Recently, Beijing Union University organized more than 100 teachers and students into the Shulang, led by the company's leadership visited the rear workshop, tailoring workshop, sample division, Sterling computer flat knitting machine and the company's leading department - The Research Center, etc., allows students to visually see the complete production process from raw materials to garments. Through the visit, students not only fully experienced the charm of fashion Shulang, but also opened up and enriched their vision and knowledge, setting up a platform for the exchange of talents between the school and the company.

Beijing Union University teachers and students visit Shu Lang

Beijing Union University teachers and students visit Shu Lang

As a leading company in China's women's wear industry, Shu Lang has always attached great importance to the construction of school-industry cooperation and teaching practice bases. Through school-enterprise cooperation and visits and exchanges, Shu Lang not only broke the traditional education model, but also enabled students to better adapt to the rapid development of the market. Demand.

It is understood that Beijing United University has organized teachers and students to visit Shu Lang three times in a row. “Every visit to Shulang was a lot of experience. This time, Chairman Wu Jianmin exchanged ideas with his classmates on the spot and presented a new perspective on the issues for the students. Many students expressed that they have benefited from it today. Many are worthy of this trip,” commented the person in charge of the school.

According to Shu Lang, promoting the revitalization and development of China's women's apparel industry and implementing the brand strategy require the integration of new generations of talents. To strengthen exchanges and interactions with schools and make concerted efforts is an inevitable choice for meeting the needs of market development.

It is reported that since the Shulang school-enterprise cooperation project was carried out in 2006, it has established cooperative relationships with a number of universities and colleges and achieved remarkable achievements in joint education, academic exchanges, and cooperative research and development.

Wu Jianmin stated that school-enterprise cooperation is a mutually beneficial and mutually beneficial move. On the one hand, it can improve the professional standards of students and prepare them for entry into the workplace in the future. On the other hand, the school-enterprise cooperation method can enable students to quickly master the operational skills from R&D to terminal marketing, and then train a large number of backbone talents for enterprises.

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