V-MEN Warman men's clothing shop in Chongyi, Jiangxi grand opening

V-MEN Waman men's clothing store in Jiangxi Chongyi new grand opening soon! Microblogging search @ V-MEN men's fashion, forward the corresponding activities microblogging, you can also get the value of 66 vouchers, up to 660 yuan Oh! Hurry up now! Create the most dynamic and trendy men's image, welcome men's presence! Founded in 1979, Weman is a trendy, minimalist brand that brings together the leading trends in fashion. With its simplicity, mix and match, boldness and style, Wayman attracts the attention of fashion men. With innovative design concepts, unique brand style, etc. are highly praised by industry insiders. Express modern young people advocating freedom, the pursuit of individuality, proactive and innovative attitude to life. V-MEN has been a unique design approach, neutral design philosophy, the use of simple color language, this understated and luxurious artistic temperament, so that every living in the city of fashion up to confident style, reflecting Own unique style and taste.

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