Various jade carvings

jade. Not only the color is beautiful, but also a variety of patterns can be carved to symbolize: "good luck, flat

An beautiful, healthy and longevity, happy and happy, rich and rich, and so on; is also the fusion of culture and cultivation.

Symbol of animals:

Phoenix: The king of birds, used to symbolize the virtue of Ming Jun, the feathers are very beautiful. Symbolizes beautiful life.

Lion: The king of the beast, representing the official position is extremely high to ward off evil spirits. Wearing the emerald lion pendant, symbolizing the thick official Jin, the mighty and brave, the dragon and the tiger, everything goes well.

Kirin: It is a kind of spirit beast. It can ward off evil spirits and make people succumb to evil spirits.

Deer: It is a homonym with the character of Lu, which symbolizes auspicious longevity and promotion.

Bat: The bat character and the blessing are homophonic, representing the blessing; the five blessings represent: Fu, Lu, Shou, Xi, and Cai.

Turtle: It is regarded as a lucky animal of life extension; symbol: healthy and longevity, unyielding and unyielding.

Crane: The cui pieces of the carving crane are mostly used for birthdays; it symbolizes health and longevity.

鸳鸯: It is a metaphor for a husband and wife, love, and life.

Magpie: It is a kind of auspicious bird. When it arrives, there must be a happy event.

Swallow: Ancient times was regarded as a long-lived, auspicious bird; the swallow returned to report peace.

Fish: Goldfish represents the golden jade full house, more than a year, full of food and clothing.

Lithium fish: The dragon dragon is a lithium fish, and the lithium fish is a dragon fish. It has the meaning of "and the first".

Cat: A pet for the family, lively and clever, lovable, and has the meaning of a lucky cat.

Like: Xiangxiang homophonic, representing auspicious, also represents the object; like the body is large, representing the magnificent weather.

Duck: Duck is the champion and the meaning of the first. In the old days, sending a duck to a scholar is a wish for him (her) to be the champion.

Eagle: The eagle and the English homonym, the ancient eagle represents the heroic spirit, and there is a pattern of heroic fighting spirit.

Parrot: The color of the feather is beautiful, and the parrot and the English word are homophonic, which means heroic and mighty.

Spider: ancient times called hizi and hi. In the Tang Dynasty Palace, if you can see the spider, you think that you will be able to get the emperor's favor at night, so it is regarded as "Ji Zhao", and you are glad to call the spider "Xi Zi", representing the joy from heaven.

Butterfly: Butterfly and 耄 谐 homonym, meaning old and longevity, with butterflies to send the elderly, I wish the elderly healthy and longevity.

貔貅: A legendary beast, the folks are often used to do evil and gain something.

Peacock: Peacock has nine virtues: 1, the appearance is correct; 2, the voice is clear; 3, the line step in the order; 4, knowing the time; 5, diet knowing; 6, often read contentment; 7, not scattered; Not obscenity; 9, knowing and repeating; peacocks are used to represent the civilization of the world, have self-cultivation; also represent the meaning of senior officials.

绶带鸟: The feathers are very bright, and the singer and the singer are the same, which means longevity.

蝉: Use 蝉 to represent: The gentleman is far-sighted and has a blockbuster.

蟾蜍: There are many secreted white juices that can be used as medicines to cure diseases. Therefore, it is considered auspicious things. It has the function of helping the longevity of the town and the main wealth.

Evil spirit: The legend is a beast that can drive away evil spirits and remove the indecent spirit. It is shaped like a lion. There are many patterns on the jade. The ancients wear it as a town evil.

Buddha, Guanyin: China is a country that believes in Buddhism. People believe that wearing Buddha and Guanyin can make a good fortune, protect peace, and give blessings. In the south, there are men wearing Buddhas and women wearing Guanyin. In the north, there are men wearing Guanyin and women wearing Buddha.

Zhong Rong: Legend has it that Zhong Hao can catch ghosts. The folks hang the bells in the house, which can be used to prevent evil

God of Wealth: Seeing the God of Wealth means getting rich. The God of Wealth is a fairy who brings wealth to the legend, wearing a jade god, and the money is rolling.

Shou Xinggong: Shouxinggong is the Antarctic fairy; one of Fu, Lu and Shou Samsung. Shouxing sends the elderly, wishing the elderly a long and healthy life.

Fisherman: It is a legendary fisherman who is fishing. Every time he goes to the net, he has a bumper harvest. Wearing a jade fisherman, the business is booming and profitable.

Eight Immortals: They all have fairy tales, life is auspicious, and the Eight Immortals cross the sea.

Boy: The boy is innocent and lively, cute; there are children who send money, happy boys, Kirin to send boys

Peach: The fairy peach of the Queen Mother, the food can live for a hundred years. Peach is a longevity fruit, can wear longevity, and life is sweet and dense.

Plum: The ancients described it as ice muscle jade, and the five petals of plum blossom represent Fu, Lu, Shou, Xi, and Fortune. The emerald wearing the plum pattern, enjoy the five blessings.

Bamboo: There are knots in bamboo, that is, the festival is rising, and there is a bamboo newspaper safe; wearing Yuzhu, children read smart, adults have a successful career, and promoted wealth.

Wishful: If you want, like the meaning of people, the most common pattern in jade carving, the wearer has everything, and he wants it.

Buddha Hand: The harmony of Buddha and Fu, representing auspiciousness. Wearing the emerald bergamot, making a fortune, means that the fortune is prosperous.

Lotus leaf lotus: out of the mud, the lotus is called the gentleman in the flower, the breeze man bone, the jade carving is often with the fish and the money, meaning that there is more than a year, and the year is rich.

Gourd: It is a kind of treasure. The ancient gourd is used for medicine. It is said that the medicine poured out from the gourd can cure all diseases and make people live longer and healthier.

Landou: Also known as the Dutch bean, the fruit is full, and the purse and wallet are homophonic, which symbolizes the fullness of the purse.

Pine: Wear healthy and longevity, symbolizing unyielding and unyielding.

Peony: For the king of flowers, people call peony a national fragrance; wearing a symbol of wealth and official prosperity.

Pomegranate: Pomegranate is more than a child, the ancients think that the home of the good home is much more, wearing a symbol of the early child.

Chrysanthemum: Represents healthy and strong.

Grapes: Because the grapes are strong, they are used to compare the harvest; the symbol is successful for all people and all aspects.

Peanut: Commonly known as (long fruit), it uses peanuts to symbolize immortality.

Money (ancient money): The money word is homophonic with the previous word, and the money is round, with a hole in the middle, so the meaning is “before”. Wearing a symbol of getting rich is just in front of you.

Shouzi: Express or congratulate the meaning of longevity. If you extend the word of life, it means longevity; if you use the word as a circle, the table will be full of longevity.

Blessing: It means that the blessing is complete, the so-called blessings, namely, Fu, Lu, Shou, Xi, and Cai.

Hi word: indicates the meaning of joy, double happiness for the wedding, indicating good things in pairs.

Chili: Wear jade pepper, that is, delivery and fortune, the meaning of lucky.

Leaves: The green leaves represent the vitality of life, meaning the tree of life is evergreen; the girl wears jade leaves, always beautiful and youthful, the old man wears jade leaves, full of energy and more vitality.

Corn: Golden corn, full of gold and jade, wearing corn patterns, business is booming; corn is more children, children and grandchildren, more children and more blessings.

Boat: Wearing a jade boat means that the cause is smooth and smooth, and it can make a big profit.

Cabbage: The dish and the "financial" homonym, jade cabbage is often used as a decoration, there are also many small carving pieces. Wearing jade cabbage, the money is rolling, the hall is decorated with jade cabbage, and the luxury is luxurious.

Clothes button: Peace jade buckle, I wish good people a lifetime of peace.

Vase: The bottle and the flat are both in the same sound, with the meaning of "safe".

Long life lock: Chinese people often give a long life lock when the baby is full moon, wishing the child to be safe and smart, and jade lock can better reflect this beautiful wish.

Gossip: Gossip has a good fortune, knows the function of Vientiane, and folks often use it to avoid evil. Wearing jade gossip, can avoid evil and stop the disaster.

Key: The key is the same as the hour, and it works instantly. Wearing a jade spoon means that you can turn good luck.

Month: Wear the moon pattern to help you achieve your wishes.

卍: Wu Zetian in the Tang Dynasty defined it as a four-character, regarded as auspicious, clean, and complete, and was later used to represent the symbol of Buddhism.

Melon: The melon grows mature, can produce small melons, big melons, small melons become big melons, melons and many children, used to compare the descendants of the children.

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