Wanda Bird Group was nominated for 2013 Top 50 Taxpayers in Ningbo City

Yesterday, Ningbo City, 2013 Entrepreneurship Innovation Billboard cum Entrepreneurs Forum held in the city administrative center conference center. The recognition ceremony was announced in 2013, Ningbo City, "Top 50 Taxpayers," Pacific Bird Group short-listed for three consecutive years.

Yong forefront, another success. In 2013, faced with the intricate economic situation both at home and abroad, and severely affected by frequent natural disasters, especially floods and disasters, the enterprises in the whole city are determined to start their own businesses and innovate to speed up the transformation and development, making a positive contribution to the sustained and steady economic development of the city.

Finalists 2013 "Top 50 taxpayers," the list of companies fierce competition. Of the 50 companies listed in the previous year, 9 were eliminated. Of the 9 new entrants to the list, 5 were for the first time. Pacific Bird Group Co., Ltd. was nominated for "Top 50 Taxpayers" for three consecutive years and ranked 36th in this year. 2013 "Top 50 taxpayers," 29 industrial enterprises and 13 service enterprises. At the same time announced in 2013 in Ningbo City, the service industry, "Top 20 Taxpayers," Pacific Internet Group ranked tenth.


It is reported that in 2013, the Top 50 Taxpayers paid a total of 595.4 billion yuan in taxes last year, up 9.7% from the previous year's Top 50 Tax Payers, accounting for 36.1% of the city's total revenue.

Also announced are the 2013 Top 50 Taxpayers in Ningbo Industry, Top 20 Taxpayers in Real Estate Construction, Top 10 Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Pioneers, Top 10 Industrial Design Turnover, Top Ten Innovators in Service Industry, Top 10 "Top Stars in Growth" in the Service Industry, List of Top 10 Software Service Providers and List of "Founding Rookie" Students in Ningbo in 2013.

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