Wearing Hetian jade bracelet, what mistakes should you avoid?


Hetian jade bracelet has been one of the favorite jewelry of female friends since ancient times. It is passed down to the enthusiasm of everyone. There are so many styles of Hetian jade bracelets on the market, and everyone can choose according to their own preferences. However, there are many problems to be aware of when purchasing, such as the true and false of the bracelet jade, and so on. What is the most taboo to buy Hetian jade bracelet?

The most taboo to buy Hetian jade bracelet is crack. The cracks in the jade bracelet are all due to the external force generated by Hetian jade in mining, transportation or carving, and the crack is very obvious. This will affect the durability of the bracelet. This kind of crack will gradually expand with time, even to a certain extent, the bracelet will be broken, the bracelet will be broken, neither can be worn nor the value will fall. Therefore, when picking a jade bracelet, the most taboo is it.

Some friends are good at watching the bracelet when they buy it, but there is a crack when they are not bought for a long time. In this case, Xiao Bian advises everyone that when purchasing, not only through the naked eye to identify, but also through a magnifying glass to check. It is only because Hetian jade is a shackle, that is, it is very small, and it is formed by the day after tomorrow. It is difficult to see with the naked eye. After a long time, it develops into a distinct crack.

The crack will cause the Hetian jade bracelet to break, so the bracelet is very serious. This kind of injury was caused by Hetian Yu’s injury. For Hetian jade bracelet, there is such a crack, that is, there is a problem in quality, no matter the serious effect on the wearing effect and value from the back, we must pay attention to avoid when purchasing.


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