What do the letters and numbers on the ring mean?

What do the letters and numbers on the ring mean? Many people will look carefully after buying the ring. After all, a small flash is expensive, as many as tens of thousands, and as small as several thousand dollars. However, many friends have some meanings about the meaning of some letters and numbers on the inner wall of the ring. In order to dispel everyone's doubts, Fuyue Wedding Rings specially introduces the letters and numbers on the ring.

What do the letters and numbers on the ring mean? The information on the ring is printed on the ring produced by the regular manufacturer, which is the letter and number on the ring. National quality requirements ring wall marking content: metal content (such as 18K, Pt950, etc.), stone weight (if the ring is set with diamonds or other gems,

Diamond weight such as 0.50ct, etc., factory standard (logo or code), ring number, etc. For example, the FORO on this diamond ring is the Fu Yue wedding ring, which is the LOGO of the manufacturer.

The meaning of the letters and numbers on a common ring:

24K is pure gold; 18K is gold with 75%, 14K is gold with 58.5% gold, PT is platinum, common PT950, pt900, PT999 means that the ring contains 99.9 percent of platinum. Above purity

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