What kind of kitchen is a healthy kitchen?

Core Tip: The kitchen is the most easy place to accumulate oil and bacteria in the home. To have a healthy home environment, you must first create a healthy kitchen. A recent article by the American "Old House" magazine tells you what a healthy kitchen is like.

A healthy kitchen should first have good light and ventilation. When choosing a house, it is best to choose a room with a window, that is, Ming Kitchen, which not only ensures the daylighting time, but also facilitates frequent window ventilation. A illuminating chandelier should be hoisted in the kitchen. If the kitchen is large, a small light can be hung above the workbench. The hood is equipped with lighting to facilitate evening cooking. Kitchen fume is extremely harmful to human health. Therefore, it is necessary to install a durable ventilation fan or air conditioner in the kitchen. The window machine can also be used to enhance ventilation and ensure indoor air quality. Kitchen utensils such as spoons, shovel, and knives should be hung as much as possible to prevent water from accumulating in the kitchen after brushing and to breed bacteria.

Second, a healthy kitchen should be easy to clean. Due to the large amount of oil in the kitchen, if it is inconvenient to clean, oily dirt will accumulate for a long time, which may contaminate food and affect the health of the family. Kitchen wall tiles and floor tiles should be chosen as smooth as possible. Do not choose glazed or embossed to avoid accumulation of oil. The color of the floor tiles is not too deep, on the one hand to avoid large radiation damage. On the other hand, the tiles that are too deep are not easy to find the dust and oil on the surface, and it is not easy to clean in time, and it is also depressing.

Finally, a healthy kitchen should be safer. More household appliances may be used in the kitchen. It is better to reserve more sockets when decorating, in order to increase the number of appliances such as washing machines, kitchen utensils, food waste disposers and juicers in the future, so as to avoid sharing the same electrical appliances. The socket poses a security risk. Regularly check that the gas equipment is working well to avoid gas leakage, fire, or poisoning.

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