What should wear inside the white perspective equipment?

Probably you did not wear through the perspective equipment, you may not have the appropriate occasion to penetrate the visual equipment. Maybe you just watched models in some shows or red carpet ceremony, the stars through the perspective equipment, and if the dressing wear back to the normal wearing life, you will choose to see through it? Sometimes I just do not know what to wear inside the perspective should wear it? Heart of women's clothing fall / winter 2014, the introduction of white perspective with matching, appropriate to teach you in the perspective installed inside, you should match what color or primer, so you will be afraid of penetrating equipment installed?

【Perspective dress


Heart of the ladies

This is a dress in the form of perspective equipment, you can clearly see what is worn inside, but also to see the arm color, which is the attractiveness of the perspective equipment, you can hazy to see the rest Sexy skin, but this perspective loaded is very shy, which is wearing a package package hip skirts dress, upper body is a Vest style, skirts are wrapped skirt skirt look like this is just the arm part of the perspective of the state, Where the waist is only a small gap only.

【Perspective Shirt installed】


Heart of the ladies

Have to wear through the perspective of the shirt? Should be no, almost daily occupation female partner - shirt, also embarked on the road to transformation, which is equipped with a white perspective inside the shirt with a short sleeve, with black pants, black humor but That's it. Think about the white perspective can be loaded with what clothing? In fact, you can also whimsical, surprise is the high profile.

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