Why is Peiyu woman loved?

Pei Yu’s woman always has an inexhaustible grace. The classic style of the veins, like the waves of water, slowly immersed the indifference and hardness of the steel city. Chinese women are naturally suitable for Peiyu. The gentleness and cleanliness of jade, the subtle and meticulousness of jade, the quietness of living in a place that is not arrogant and introverted, the vicissitudes of life in the deepest is also difficult to change its beauty.

And Pei Yu’s woman should have been in Chen Yifei’s oil painting. Imagine a beautiful woman, self-satisfying in the sea, the tidy bangs, the perfect classical goose face, light smile, faint rosy on the cheeks. Occasionally, a breeze swayed her long hair, and she reached out to the side, revealing the jade bracelet worn on her arm, the clear white of Yingying, and the cool emerald green inside it soothingly.

Pei Yu's woman, born with the tea fragrance, the strings as a companion, the red dust can not disturb her. The world outside is a thousand miles away, and she is still in the air, quietly cooking tea and playing the piano, not getting old with time. The reincarnation of spring, summer, autumn and winter can't leave traces on her face. Even if the wind and rain hit, the smile in her eyes is still the former white wind.

A piece of jade, in the midst of the day and night with the skin, will gradually become more detailed and softer. A person, in the same period as the jade year and month, will eventually become a unity with jade.

Jade can be broken, not to be embarrassed. Pei Yu’s woman is also very sturdy in the slender and delicate, and there will be a firm rejection in the gentle and tender. All the way, it is the jade pot ice heart, although it has gone through all the world, it still does not stain the wind. Pei Yu’s woman is the best in the world. She can think about it, she can mourn, she can meet and kiss, but she often goes wrong with it inadvertently. Just because it is a jade, it needs a rare eye.

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