Winter woolen jacket with full femininity

The woolen jacket has become an indispensable item in the winter wardrobe, whether it is warm or show a stylish silhouette, it is the best mix of fashion girls. Felt woolen coat is the most practical clothes, unlike heavy down jacket, unlike the thin windbreaker is not warm, to ensure the temperature and demeanor, showing the full flavor of the woman.


Figure: her song of women's 2013 autumn and winter new

Rose red hooded coats, followed by the trend of color, colorful, with double blue inside the stitching, the impact of the strong impact of the color impact of the visual impact of armband decoration small details to enhance the overall level of flu .

冬季呢子外套搭配  显示十足女人味

Figure: her song of women's 2013 autumn and winter new

Collar profile collar coat, gentle temperament OL urban temperament contains a neutral style, the warm orange a little more intimacy, big metal buttons with decorative features, highlighting the brand texture, with a pair of Boots, gas field full.

Tricot Fabric Negro Color

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