Women's clothing store how to show how the summer dress shop how to display

Whether the summer dress or store display have to be new, pyrene women's summer store display skills, how to display the summer store, summer dress how attractive, pyrene women's summer display from the color to match, a section of a Color, which color is more suitable for the front display.

The display is definitely to put the explosion hot money on the most prominent place, but at the same time can not discard the slow sales, so that burst burst drive unsalable items, pyrene ç­ƒ women's clothing store summer display, three bright colors mainly color display, pink sweet, Blue fresh, yellow dazzling, all three colors are with a variety of styles white, so even more dazzling fresh, people into the shop is also very comfortable.

女装店铺陈列服装怎么搭配 夏天女装店该怎么陈列

The overall effect of the summer store display, the four sides are by color to distinguish the display, as well as the Nakajima and models wearing a clothing display, all four are dazzling colors, Nakajima and models who can put some unsalable models are more eye-catching color Will be better, such a display sales stagnant will become the best-selling models.


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