Zhuangji brand men's 2012 autumn and winter new listing

Zhuangji brand men's 2012 autumn and winter new listing! Zhuang Jitang located in the high-end, men's suits, high-level clothing-based, the target group of urban white-collar workers, successful people, fashion youth, the price set at l 600 yuan, 6,000 yuan, which happens to be imported brands and Domestic public brand of the file. Zhuangji brand men's 2012 autumn and winter new products such a position, Zhuang Ji after a full market survey: China has about to 16 years of age, under 70 years of age suitable for men in suits, of which about 60% of consumption Low-end products, there are 80% of them are low-income people in small cities; the other 40% of the population, about 25% of people spend 1,600-2,500 yuan / set of products, the rest is High-end consumer products in the crowd, of which spending 2,500-3,500 yuan / sets of suits for a larger proportion of people, the real consumption of more than 3,500 yuan / sets of suits are relatively small, only about 5 %, While those who consume more than 4,500 yuan / sets of suits account for only about 3%. "Zhuangji suit positioned at 1,600-6,000 yuan / set, with China's high-end consumer form fit.Also, with the improvement of China's overall national strength, the consumption of high-end suits the more the crowd will gather more , Which is the inevitable trend of social and economic development in China.Development of more than a decade has proved Zhuangji's choice to be correct, "said Deng Ganqun, executive vice president of Zhuangji Group. Zhuangji brand men's clothing 2012 autumn and winter new product price is only one of the signs in the high-end positioning, from the choice of fabrics to personalized product design, and then to the terminal image of the norms of management and sales practices, as well as new product promotion, "JUDGER Zhuangji" Series of commercial marketing activities all reflect this positioning. Lock customer base, Zhuang JI will carefully observe their social habits and consumer demand, while keeping up with the European fashion trends. From 2001 onwards, "JUDGER Zhuangji" broke the suits black, blue, gray dull color series, the introduction of color series suits, such as: wine red series, brown ocher, orange yellow, blue and gray line, etc., and the introduction of stripes Series of suits, such as: dark lines, bright lines, Yan lines, the Department of the system, etc., which greatly enriched the men's clothing market ...... Zhuangji brand men's 2012 autumn and winter new

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