Zoya Ya in 2012 underwear chain franchise stores hit a new high in April

This past April, is Zhuoya Jia man underwear franchise's harvest month, Zhuoya Jia man underwear joining shop shop number hit a record high, according to statistics has a total of 10 outlets, 60 joined the chain, as well as 15 Flagship store has been signed, the opening day. Well-built underwear stores all over the major cities, Spartak square to further expand and invite you to share the gold wealth underwear! Underwear joining hotline:

Top 15 franchise stores show ranking:

North is the new shop in Jiangxi Province East Avenue shop in the north of the shop Xinhua shop shop in the corner of the Middle Street Shachang Changxing shop Ximenba shop Fuyuan shop Longhu shop line Huidong Road Shop Peijiang Xichang Nantong shop Yinzhang shop Zhaoling Temple along the store and so on

Is it speed? Yes, it is not

Quips calculations, from 1996 involved in underwear production and management, development so far, has become a production, retail chain, foreign trade as one of the modern underwear brand apparel company. Company plant covers an area of ​​about 20,000 square meters, more than 1,000 employees. The company has a sponge factory, shoulder straps production plants, fabric manufacturing plants, underwear and other finished products manufacturing plants and other production bases, the company has introduced Germany, Taiwan and other international super-top underwear production machinery. At the same time, the introduction of the most advanced apparel industry Yum software, the use of advanced computer technology, network technology to achieve before and after the store between the store, headquarters and stores, distribution centers, logistics information sharing and exchange. Headquarters through the network computer system for each store goods Invoicing information control, to achieve information flow, logistics, document flow and cash flow highly uniform; company's main products are underwear series, home series, warm series, sports and leisure series Series of products, products have been exported to Europe and the United States, Japan, South Korea, Russia and more than 10 countries in various regions. Is currently China's garment industry in the large-scale production, advanced technology and innovative super-one of the enterprises.

Is the number? Yes, it is not

Zhuoya beauty in 2008 began to get involved in underwear chain industry, from scratch, from foundry to independent research and development of new products. In the end, "Zhuoya Beauty" identified large-sized chain underwear business targeting new intellectual women in the new city. The chain stores are located in nearly 30 cities in the Pearl River Delta region. The company owns nearly 100 chain stores with unified image and large-scale operation, - Within 5 years, with the principle of "joining Zhuoya beauty and creating a win-win situation together," we will develop more than 1,000 direct sales stores, franchised stores and franchised chain stores nationwide and achieve the expected goal of leapfrog development.

Is innovative, but also confidence

Whole shop output, franchisees more profitable

Zhuoya beauty to create a "whole shop input" profit model, refers to the shop investment estimates, shop location assessment, decoration style design, product mix programs, staff training, product display scraper, operating program development, cash register system training, promotional mode Development, new products and other related to the chain's operations, management, personnel and other projects are operating headquarters to implement a unified operation of a business model shop, simply put it is a complete copy of a successful business store, which ensures that each Shop is a style, the same product, the same service, a uniform price. If there is a difference, it is only the area of ​​the store where you are different, where the location is different, thus fully guaranteeing a single point of market competition and sustained profitability, fundamentally protecting the interests of investors and consumers.

Zhuoya beauty through the lingerie product integration programs, coupled with professional hardware configuration, store ERP software, e-order platform, online member points inquiry function, for each investor to build a sustainable development platform, one step ahead of others, better than Earn ten years petty profits!

Parity strategy, low cost to win the big market

Zhuoya beauty lingerie stores from products to services, are using the principle of quality products, cheap products, completely changed the cheaper goods without the traditional thinking. From the brand image to the shop decoration, product quality, consumers can feel the most real "cheap and good quality and good service" high-quality impression.

Parity means that investors can spend a small amount of money, parity means that consumers are easy to buy, and parity means the shoppers receive the most customers in the shortest period of time. The most important thing is: parity also means that companies will try to leave the profit margins to investors, investors create the best product base and market environment, rapid return on investment.

Support cooperation, win-win future

Zhuoya beauty partners to help reduce financial pressure, where the month before the five opened franchise stores, exempt from the initial fee: 12,000 yuan, and then presented the value of 5,000 yuan ERP store software.

Not limited to the first phase of distribution, scientific distribution program, so that franchisees to reduce the lowest inventory, increase the flow of funds.

Decoration optimization program, all high counters, signs unified production by the company, significantly reduce costs, decoration shorter time.

Zhuoya beauty remembered this harvest in April, this April also remembered Zhuo Ya beauty in the leap forward.

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